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A2 Full Colour Correx Boards – Set of 2

Price :
R237.00 Incl. Per Set


Terms & Condition :

1.  No Instruction for printing will be issued if the terms and conditions are not met

2.  Proof of payment

3.  Turn around time : 3 to 5 working days from proof of payment and print-ready-artwork has been received

4. If client supplies artwork please insure that it meets the following standards :

  • Please insure custom fonts are converted to outlines or rasterised if business card design is supplied in jpeg format
  • All fonts must be converted to curves or embedded
  • No type or logo must be closer than 3mm from the edge of the card – Therefor please insure that your artwork includes a 3mm bleed.
  • Small borders will not be guaranteed to be even all around – at least 5mm
  • No RGB or Spot Colours – Colours are automatically converted to CMYK and therefor might change
  • If a JPEG has been supplied it must be at least 400dpi
  • Artwork containing lenses, clip art, embedded objects, fills, drop shadows ext must be converted to CMYK Bitmaps
  • Business Card size is 90mm (wide) x 50mm (high)
  • Please insure that all spelling has been checked and that all numbers and address are correct.
  • If business cards have not been designed by our team we cannot take responsibility for the artwork nor the spelling of your business card.  Please insure with your designer that the specifications has been checked
  • All reprints will be for the clients account if artwork was not per specification and if any spelling mistakes occurred