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March 13, 2015 admin

This Monday’s guest post is by Allison Biggs, a Graphic Designer whom I’ve partnered with to offer some great deals for entrepreneurs.  I’ve discussed graphic design at length with Allison, and she not only really knows it well but creates fresh, modern designs for entrepreneurs.  In fact, her passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the marketing materials they need to get noticed.

Good graphic design helps you make that all-important positive first impression.  It gets you noticed and helps you communicate effectively with your potential clients.  We all know how valuable a first impression and clear communication can be, so then why do so many business owners skimp when it comes to hiring a graphic designer?

Many small business owners have developed a small voice in the back of their mind that tells them that they should be able to do everything on their own.  Because they are capable, intelligent human beings they should be able to handle everything from producing their product to managing their bookkeeping, and yes, even producing their own graphic design.

Others believe that hiring a designer is too much of an investment.  I urge you to consider that working with a graphic designer can not only grow your bottom line with increased business, but also save you time and money.

Lastly, many entrepreneurs believe that a good product will speak for itself.  In an ideal world, I totally agree with you.  But, that’s not the world we live in.  People’s attention spans have grown short, and if your product is going to have a fighting chance, it needs to look its best.

Hiring a professional graphic designer to assist you with the development of your business has many benefits.

1. A Graphic Designer can save you time.

I’ve tried to do my own bookkeeping.  Yes, I CAN do it.  It’s painful, and it takes me three times as long as it should, but it is possible.  The question is, is it the best use of my time?  My answer: not really.  I now pay someone to do it for me who completes the task in a fraction of the time, and I now use that time on design.

I know that it is possible for many of you to create a brochure, but my question is the same to you.  Is it the best use of your time?

Given the choice, would you rather spend your time working with a client, capitalizing on your talent and bringing in $75/hour, or would you rather spend eight hours staring at a blank computer screen and battling your printer in an attempt to make somewhat professional looking business cards?  Yeah.  That’s what I thought.

Let the designer take care of your design so that you have more time to do what you’re good at.

2. A Graphic Designer can save you money.

This can go in a few directions:

a.  Because most business owners are not familiar with the technicalities of graphic design, they may go ahead and design their own marketing pieces, only to bring it to a printer and have major revision fees tacked on because they did not set up their files correctly.  Professionals understand how to use standard graphic design programs, what color modes print properly, and scary terms like bleed and cropping.

b.  I have seen many cases in which business owners will design their own branding materials, and one year into their business realize that what they created really isn’t working, and that it would probably be wise to bring in a professional.  All of the money they spent on printing their original items like brochures and business cards was essentially in vain.

c.  Professional graphic designers are familiar with the legalities of the trade.  We know that it is absolutely necessary to purchase licenses for the images and typefaces that we use in projects.  Without these licenses, you could face legal action, which I guarantee is not cheap.  Bottom line – that clip art and those free fonts that you found on the Internet?  Not going to cut it.

3. A Graphic Designer will bring attention to your business.

Design is about communication- it’s a language unto itself.  Successful design will take the message that you want to share to the world and send it directly to the people you want to reach and deliver it in a way that they can receive.  A professional graphic designer understands the many subtle techniques used to craft these messages and deliberately uses them to get all eyes on you.

More attention means more customers, and more customers means more cash in your pocket.

4. A Graphic Designer will provide you with a professional, polished image.

We live in a society that runs on perceived value.  “What is perceived value?” you ask.  Perceived value assumes that the better something looks from the outside, the more valuable it must be.  What this means for business owners- no matter how amazing your product is, no matter how unbelievably talented you are, if you’re not presenting yourself in a shiny package, people will instantly decide that what you have to offer is simply sub-par.  While this seems extremely unfair, don’t let this point keep you from being a successful entrepreneur.

A professional graphic designer can help you develop a brand that matches the quality of your products and services.  They can provide you with beautifully printed business cards and brochures.  They can design a logo that not only gets attention, gains recognition, but communicates the ideas and values behind your business.

Allison Biggs is a professional graphic designer specializing in brand development and print design.  Visit her website

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